LED-Lichterkette, Lichterkette, Origami-lichterkette, Halloweenparty dekoration.
Lichterkette, rot, weiß, orange und rosa. Herbstfarben. Dekoration Halloweenparty
Lichterkette als Geschenkidee. Dekoriere Dein Zuhause mit einer Origami Lichterkette.


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Icosahedron FAIRY lights

A little bit of personal happiness, you can get with the handcrafted Icosahedron Fairy lights into your home. Each of these fairy lights is equipped with LED-Little lights hidden inside the icosahedron. You don't have to be afraid of overheating, because the LED lights always stay "cool".

Due to the different papers of the icosahedrons, there is a beautiful play of lights on the walls and the surrounding area of the individual icosahedrons. Therefore it is not only suitable for romantic evenings, but also ideal as night light for your little ones.

We guarantee you that each of our products is a Unikat and each of these fairy lights shines as individually as you<3

*The actual colouring and pattern can deviate from the original due to cutting + folding and exposure of the pictures.