Tischdekoration Hochzeit. Tischkarten und Dekoration für Deine Hochzeit.
Origami Kranich. Deko Hochzeit. Tischdeko.
Origami Kranich Tischdekoration. Dekoration zur Hochzeit! Geschenkideen.
Dekoration für den Esstisch. Tisch Deko. Dekorationsideen.
Tischkarten Design, besondere Tischkarten.
Tischdekoration zu jedem Anlass. Hochzeit, Feier, Geburtstagsparty Dekoration.
Tischdekoration Brauttisch. Hochzeit Dekodieren. Handgefertigte Deko.
Besondere Tischkarten und Tischdekoration Hochzeit. Dekodieren für die Hochzeit.
Individuelle Dekoration Hochzeit. Geschenke zur Hochzeit.
Origami Kranich Hochzeitsdekoration. Besondere Deko. Geschenke zur Hochzeit.
Hochzeitstisch Dekoration Origami Kranich. Esstisch Dekoration.


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The perfect decoration for the best day in your life!

Many small cranes, which can be spread loosely over the table or as you would like to decorate it.

From these cranes you can choose your favourite colours and we conjure up table decorations of your choice.

In some cultures the cranes are a symbol of the joy of a long and happy life.

In our Manufacture will all cranes handcrafted!

If among these cranes none of your wishes are fulfilled and you wish another colour, then write to us and we will see what we can do for you.

Almost any colour and number of cranes is possible, best you give us the table length of the whole table, so we can calculate exactly which set is right for you or make an individual number of decorative cranes for you.

The different set sizes, are due to the number of decorative crane.

Set sizes:

S - 150 cranes

M - 300 cranes

L - 625 cranes

XL - ca 800 cranes