6er Set Glasmarkierung, bunt, Unikat.
Die (Kristall-)Glasmarkierung, im Set als individuelles Geschenk.
Geschenkideen - Glasmarker
Papier in seiner schönsten Form – Origami Kranich.
Weinglasmarkierung - ausgefallene Geschenkidee.
Maße des Vogels.


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Who doesn't know it? A nice evening with your friends and suddenly the question arises: "Which one is my wine glass?" With the wine glass crane your evening will not be interrupted by the search for the right glass: Your guests can choose their favourite crane at the beginning of the celebration and if something goes wrong: The hand-folded unique pieces are all painted.

6er Set

Ring ø 2cm

*The actual colouring and pattern can deviate from the original due to cutting + folding and exposure of the pictures.