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The light in your life, should appear every day and
fill you with love!

In Asian culture, the crane stands for a long and happy life,
let him always remind you in the living room.

Fairy lights are not only a nice decoration in winter time. Whether for your children as night lighting, as a garland in your mobile home or in the glass on your coffee table. With their light they create a pleasant atmosphere.
You don't have to be afraid of overheating, because the LED lights always remain "cool", so heating the papers and
other materials is not possible.

Each of our products is aUnikat and each lamp shines as individually as youdo.

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    Origami Tischlampe aus Papier. Origamistern Papierlampe nur für Dich hergestellt.  Sternlampe Sonobestern, weiß Papier. Hängeleuchte der besonderen Art, Unikate aus Papier. Mathematische Figuren aus Papier, Lampen jeder Art. Sternlampe.
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    Girlande Origami mit über 300 Lichtern. Geschenke für Männer & Frauen. Besondere Geschenke.
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    LED Lichterkette ca 5 Meter lang, Draht mit 320  LED, Adapter für die Steckdose Lichterkette für die Steckdose. Mit Origamikranichen. Handmade in Germany. Unikat
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