Handmade decorations


The name, z.árt stands for lovingly handmade products,
which we manufacture for you with love for detail: each product as unique as you are !!
Through direct contact with us, you can create your own colour combination and choose from many great papers. We look forward to create your individual product for you.

Handmade Decoration - Origami Paper
Your individual gift.
Each product is unique and can be modified or newly created according to your wishes. There are no limits to your creativity.
Birthday party decorations, wedding decorations, gifts and much more.


Über den Kranich wird schon in der Mythologie als
Glücksbringer berichtet.
Auf altägyptischen Grabplatten ist er genauso zu finden wie im russischen Märchen, in Indien verehrt man ihn als Gott, in China als göttlichen Himmelsboten und als Symbol für Weisheit und ein langes Leben, in Japan werden Papierkraniche als Glücksbringer gefaltet.
Seinen Namen als "Vogel des Glücks" soll der Kranich allerdings in Schweden bekommen haben, wo sein Erscheinen im Frühjahr das Ende der dunklen, kalten Jahreszeit einläutet.



We are an owner-managed company in Stuttgart
and had the pleasure of celebrating the founding of our company in June 2019.

What is important to us in our work:


Each of our products is made with love by hand in Germany and is thereforeunique. The hübschen Origami Paper is from Japan, scooped by hand, zart and partly with golden details decorated.

We watch out forhigh-quality material and good working conditions are very dear tous.


It is very importantto us not only to create beautiful andstriking decorations, but also to manufacture ourproducts from used materials, like paper. This is more obvious with some than with others. Take a closer look!
Tip: Our crane cocktail skewers are wonderfully suited for further use asplant decoration and must notend up in the bin.


As individual as the patterned papers unserer Kraniche sind, so individuell bist auch Du. We are aware of this, so we want to give you the opportunity to order special designs as well.


Washi means literally translated Japanese paper (wa=japanese, shi=paper). Washi is a traditionalhandmade origami paperused in Japan and is more durable than standard paper. The classic origami paper is white on the reverse side, but there are also a variety of solid colored or double-sided colored papers.

The traditional origami paper is made from strong bast fibers from low-growth trees.
It is always grown more rarely and is therefore also more expensive.